"Green competition" by Art Lotus

When I look at Howard Sherman’s paintings I think, “frenzy.”  I can only imagine what’s going on in his mind.  This artist likes to “rock your world” and make you think with a capital “T.”  Why is Sherman using that specific color?  Is there a technique to his explosions of paint and abstract figures?  And especially, I ask myself, what the hell am I looking at? 

Like Sherman’s technique, I have my own when I look at his amazing pieces of art.  Personally, I don’t like reading the titles of Sherman’s work until after I have examined the painting in front of me.  Why?  Because I like to figure out what I am looking at from my own perspective, before I find out what Sherman’s thoughts were while creating his latest masterpiece. 

A perfect example, the artist’s work on paper, “Slaving Away at the iPhone Factory #19.”  This collage immediately grabbed my attention.  The psychedelic green made me feel like I was on a trip being attacked by a three-eyed green monster.  His large open mouth was about to eat me whole.  Then I took my next step in my critiquing process, I read the title, “Slaving Away at the iPhone Factory #19.” and I realized I was looking at social commentary on the state of technological competition. 

The three eyes became the mobile industry’s competition to create the largest, thinnest, and fastest cell phone as possible.  The mouth is the factory gobbling its workers thoughts and working them full force to keep up with the other smart phones coming out days apart.  So my green-eyed monster does exist…in my mind.