Color Oozing

The impact of color on the visual senses of the viewer is extremely potent.  One tiny dab of brightly colored pigment in an otherwise achromatic picture can transform the work.  The use of color has been known to be a stimulant for me when I begin a new painting, even before a sketch or drawing.  I try to keep it as intuitive as possible.  My paintings are noisy and powerful.  One can hear their primal screams as they look at the bombastic markings and physical style.  The brushstrokes are aggressive but the color choices are intentionally something else.  To keep my work unpredictable and maybe a bit light hearted, it is important for me to “turn things upside down” and keep myself challenged.  The use of pastel hues is one of the many techniques I use to keep viewers on their toes and create a juxtaposition to the way my work is made and viewed.  The unpredictable color choices are sometimes an intentional contradiction.  I enjoy exploring different color combinations and their opposing meanings within my paintings.  My artwork is dependent upon the use of color for its impact, mood and depth.