Exposing Myself

This might be wishful thinking but I’m issuing a challenge. Let’s try some mental gymnastics and exercise intelligence instead of relying on the common.  I can’t help but notice the numerous posts on Facebook, Twitter, and so many other social networking sites of people, young and old, amplifying the minutiae.  I might be a bit guilty of this myself on occasion. What would happen if we decided not to add food porn to a post?


I’ve had ongoing debates with friends about where to draw the line. Many suggesting that I share more “behind the scenes” activities. I catch myself repeating, “I want my work to speak for itself.” I share so much of myself through my paintings that there is no need to add unrelated moments to the subject.  It’s already there.  I like to think that everyone can understand the powerful energy, color, and humor exuding from my work.  Each piece I create is a raw nerve with an intentional connotation.  It speaks to you about my inner self.  My thoughts and personality are exposed on the canvas but instead of sharing a common daily occurrence, that emotes nothing of the work, I strive to make people think with their creativity and inventiveness.  It would be great to see a shift towards this mentality because the outcome is so rewarding and compelling for both the artist and the viewer.